Let’s have some flower power

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CONCERNS have been raised that Holbeach has not held a flower festival at the parish church for the past three years.

Coun Rita Rudkin brought the matter up at June meeting of the parish council.

She said: “This is the third year running that Holbeach has not had a flower festival.

“This year the vicar is leaving, last year there was a hole in the roof and the year before there were plans for a green festival at a different time of year.

“Is it worth inquiring at the church about the likelihood of them participating in a flower festival in the future?”

Coun Carol Rudkin agreed it was a shame that the festival had not been taking place.

She said: “The church looks lovely when it’s filled with flowers and that’s the time of year for lots of visitors.

“The local children all get involved as well.”

Coun Val Gemmell said there is usually an arts and crafts festival in October instead.

Coun Terry Harrington suggested forming a liaison committee between the parish council and the parochial church council. It was agreed to look into it.