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South Lincolnshire Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find a toasty home for Bagel

Staff at the south Lincolnshire Jerry Green Dog Rescue are hoping to find a perfect home for brilliant Bagel.

Bagel is a beautiful one-year-old Lurcher.

He is a very gentle boy but he can get worried at times so would like to live in a quiet location with someone who will be at home all day.

Bagel the lurcher is looking for a home. (27278541)
Bagel the lurcher is looking for a home. (27278541)


Bagel can live with children aged 14 years old and above and with another calm dog, pending on a successful introduction at the centre.

If you think you could be the right home for Bagel, then please give the centre a call on 01205 260546 or email us at slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Are you looking for a 'pawfect' challenge this year?

Are your looking for a fresh challenge in 2020? Then look no further as you may be able to help the work of Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

We are looking to find an organised person, who can organise other people as well as being able to work alone.

If you have any of those qualities then you could be ideal for our D.I.Y fundraising project!

We’re looking for motivated people to help us to spread the word about what we do. If you enjoy organising activities like bake sales, jumble sales or fun dog shows then this role is ‘pawfect’ for you!

If you’re interested please contact Liz our Community Fundraiser onliz.hinckley@jerrygreendogs.org.uk. You can also visit our website for more great ideas on how you can help: https://www.jerrygreendogs.org.uk/diy-fundraising

Training tip: harness training

Harnesses are a great piece of equipment that maximise comfort for our dogs when out walking.

To us it may seem an easy option and simple to put on, but our dogs don’t understand the benefits it may bring.Some dogs see their harness and instantly get excited as they know it predicts their walk; others may be a little unsure, especially if it’s the first time having it put on.

Introducing a harness to slowly to our dogs before putting it on can start this process off on the right foot or improve their existing relationship with their harness.

Step 1: Have the harness on the ground and sprinkle some treats around it for your dog to investigate it and eat the treats- this should help them form a positive association with the harness. Keep repeating several times a day.

Step 2: After a few days of leaving it on the ground with treats pick it up and feed your dog treats by placing your hand through the opening.

Step 3: Progress to moving your hand a little further back, so your dog has to move their nose and mouth right through the opening in order to get their treats.

Step 4: If your dog isn’t moving away of showing signs that they are worried you can keep moving your hand further back so your dog puts their entire head through the opening. If they move away simply remove the harness and give them a treat- this allows them to feel like they have a choice.

Step 5: Once your dog is happily putting their head through the opening in order to get their treat, let go of the harness and let it hang gently and keep feeding them some treats.

Step 6: Once your dog is happy with Step 5 you can now attempt to fasten one of the clasps over their back – always give them treats while they are learning that this is the next stage as the sound for some dog can be scary. Repeat with the other clasp and your harness should be on!

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