Lessons to be learned after puppy hit by car

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A young Spalding girl and her family are counting their blessings because a cherished golden labrador puppy has survived being hit by a car.

Horrified witnesses claimed the driver stopped to pick up pieces of his vehicle and drove away leaving distressed 12-year-old Kornelia Kwasniewska with the injured dog.

The driver picked up the pieces of his car and drove off.

James Norris

James Norris said he often walked his own three dogs on the communal green between the Kier and Taylor Wimpey estates off Monks House Lane.

He said: “There was a bang which I didn’t think was unusual living near a building site.

“But then I heard the girl screaming at the top of her voice. The driver picked up the pieces of his car and drove off.

“There are no traffic restrictions around here. It will be a child who gets hit next.”

Kornelia and her sister, Ameria (nine) had been playing on the green with the puppy called Genia on Tuesday night when it spotted another dog and ran out into the road.

Mum Marta said: “I know the dog wasn’t on a lead but I 
always drive slowly around here because of the children and animals.

“When the accident happened I was at work – my husband and daughters were crying down the phone to me.

“The vet said we had been very lucky because the dog went under the car, but she’s feeling a lot better now.

“It was a very sad experience because the dog is our best friend.”

A spokesman for the police said the driver reported the accident, as is required by the law, and saw the two girls run off with the dog before he could help.