Leave the daffs alone!

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We are seeing the daffodils in bloom – finally – and it’s a wonderful sight. However, Angel has been saddened to see people – men on both occasions – picking the flowers from the banks of the River Welland and the Coronation Channel. Angel thinks flowers growing in the wild should be left for us all to enjoy.

l Talking of the Welland: has anyone else noticed that we seem to have a lot of grebe around this year?

l Angel made her first foray to Deeping Lakes nature reserve last weekend and was impressed by its size and its mix of trees, water and wildlife. She recommends a visit!

l While Angel was at the car wash on Saturday she spotted a man popping to the shop for a paper. When he walked back past the car his gorgeous golden retriever was proudly carrying the paper home for him.

l Spotted by Angel in Spalding’s Market Place: two workmen, one standing on a platform above the door of a shop, the other at ground level desperately trying to throw a couple of tangerines up to his work mate, but only succeeding in juggling the fruit.

l Angel’s reporter colleague Lynne Harrison interviewed Baroness Thatcher and met her affable husband, Denis, at Belvoir Castle around 15 years ago.

Lynne had supposed Maggie to be a physically towering matriarch, given her Iron Lady image projected on TV, and was surprised to find she was petite, slender and looked Hollywood glamorous in a gown of shimmering ivory.

Maggie gave a very gracious and enthusiastic account of her life as a sixth form teacher of primary school pupils in Grantham ... and was delighted that one of those pupils had painted a magnificent portrait of her.

“It was hard to imagine that this was a lady who had polarised the nation during her time as Prime Minister,” Lynne said.

l Angel’s friend can sympathise with Punchbowl owner Pete Williams and his customers (see page 4) over parking wardens giving out tickets in Spalding on Easter Monday.

She, along with many people she has since spoken to, thought that the same rules applied on Bank Holidays as on Sundays – but apparently not as she got a ticket for outstaying her welcome in the Sheepmarket by 20 minutes.

Her appeal was rejected by Lincolnshire County Council on the grounds that before the scheme was implemented Bank Holiday parking warnings were given out – on Christmas Day!

l Given the forecast for warm weather at the weekend, Angel has her fingers crossed that she might be able to dig some summer clothes out at last!