Learning skills with Spalding’s Tulip Radio

Connor Sanderson.
Connor Sanderson.
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Regular column from Tulip Radio’s Jan Whitbourn.

Connor Sanderson started at Tulip Radio in September 2014 after leaving the Gleed School unsure about what he wanted to do. He felt that, with three GCSEs, there wasn’t a lot he could do. Since then, we have seen his confidence grow along with his technical and professional skills. With a flexible, informal, yet professional atmosphere, Tulip Radio offers a unique learning environment, which has allowed many of our younger volunteers and staff to thrive through practical learning opportunities — and we have seen Connor develop in many of the skills he will need in his working life.

Connor is now undertaking a Business Administration Apprenticeship, which involves working four days a week at Tulip Radio and studying one day a week at Peterborough Regional College. As part of his apprenticeship, Connor is completing a Level 2 National Vocational Qualification in Business Administration. This requires a lot of write-ups and paperwork, which he is less than a fan of, but Connor has shown he is prepared to work hard and recognises the rewards will be worth the effort. Connor will finish his apprenticeship at the end of this year and though he is still not 100 per cent sure what he wants to do, we know the skills he has learnt and demonstrated at Tulip Radio will stand him in good stead.