Learning importance of community spirit

Michael Gregory measures classmate Brandon Watts in feet! Photo: SG131011-114TW
Michael Gregory measures classmate Brandon Watts in feet! Photo: SG131011-114TW
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PRIMARY school children at Sutton Bridge have been learning a very valuable lesson about community.

Year 6 pupils at Sutton Bridge Westmere Community Primary School have written letters that have been posted to Corporal Simon Goddard, the son of school administrator Mary Hunt, who is serving his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The letters to Simon (31) were accompanied by the school mascot Charlie, a monkey partly dressed in school uniform, and in return the children hope to receive news of both Simon and the mascot.

The pupils’ teacher Sarah Wells said some of them have relatives who are also serving there and so they were helping to explain to the other children why it was important for them to write.

“Charlie will come home again at the end of the tour in April,” said Mary, who added that Simon hoped to take photographs and video footage of Charlie on tour.

Children in Year 1 were also learning about communal activity during a reading session with teaching assistant Julie Freear. The children bring in their own books to share with their classmates during quiet five-minute periods, and young Holly Fry had brought in her copy of Tangled for everyone to listen to.

Year 2 children were also sharing, this time story boards they had created with variations to the characters contained in Little Beauty, which they were talking about with younger pupils.

The number 24 was the focus of attention for Year 3 pupils who were asked by teacher Mark Eggleton to share anything mathematical they knew about that figure. Suggestions ranged from 12 x 12 from Tia Nyang to 22 + 2 from Kieran Ferguson. Then Mr Eggleton went on to giving the children sums with one number missing which led to an animated discussion and lots of ideas for ways of finding an answer.

Meanwhile recent starters in the Reception (Foundation Stage) area were either involved in measuring in the playground or getting involved in a variety of activities indoors.

However, the whole school will be looking forward to the safe return of Simon – and Charlie, of course!