Late changes cause drama

The High Life ANL-141022-164702001
The High Life ANL-141022-164702001
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Gifted and Talented Drama students certainly gave blood, sweat and tears at this year’s Shakespeare’s Schools Festival.

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No Caption ABCDE ANL-141022-164713001

With a total of eleven murders, two decapitations, three hacked limbs and one human pie, Titus Andronicus is decidedly Shakespeare’s most gruesome play and difficult to portray without the aid of fake blood or special effects.

Nevertheless, the directorial expertise of Tanwen Fisk and the cooperation of the ensemble cast produced an outstanding performance.

The cast travelled to the Key Theatre, Peterborough to participate in the gala evening alongside three other schools.

By working in a theatre with industry professionals, students benefited from their knowledge and own experience. However, the contribution of external producers was not well received as they informed the cast the production exceeded the time frame by a mere 12 minutes, forcing alteration of the play they had painstakingly rehearsed for hours prior to the performance.

Given only 20 minutes to alter the whole play, exceptional cooperation was necessary among the whole cast. Fortunately, they displayed unwavering dedication to their cause and produced a seamless performance.

The cast consisted of students from Year Eight to Year 13 with all members delivering exceptional performances that were praised greatly by audience members.

What was particularly impressive throughout the whole cast was their willingness to perform such a challenging play with incredible professionalism and fervour.

The dedication being so great, students eagerly rolled in mud outside the theatre to give their costumes an authentic post-apocalyptic fashion, which was the chosen setting for the evidently lawless province of activity.

Each individual involved in the performance was thoroughly impressive and special thanks go to Tanwen Fisk, Amanda Rossi and Joyce Easton whose support and advice was invaluable throughout the rehearsal and performance period and who purchased takeaway pizza that were devoured by the thankful cast.

* School discos are a popular event with lower school students, but this year it was time for a change. Gone are the days of pop music and dancing in the school hall, students should be prepared to be petrified into the shrill world of Fright Night.

In the run up to Halloween, Friday, October 17 saw the debut of this event which was tackled by a group of fearless Year Eight students who were put through their paces as Sixth Form Drama students created a spine-chilling Ghost House in the Drama Studio.

Next year’s Year Eights…Beware.