Landlords’ dismay at Spalding pub’s last orders

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A SPALDING pub will close down at the end of the month after its landlords decided not to fight to renew their lease.

Kiernan and Bobby Darnell say they were left with no choice but to agree to move out of the Golden Ball pub in River Bank by June 1.

Kiernan said: “We have been in a legal battle over the lease for the last 18 months.

“When we started we had an extremely good case and there was no evidence the site was going to be redeveloped.”

However, since then Kiernan says two planning applications for within the lease site have been approved by South Holland District Council.

The brothers could have gone to court to battle to get their lease renewed but say it was likely they would have lost and been left with a bill of about £30,000.

Kiernan said they warned South Holland’s councillors what would happen as a result of the plans being approved.

“I am pretty annoyed at the council for knowing what was going on and allowing it,” he said. “We are a successful pub. We took over three years ago and have doubled our figures in that time.”

He added: “My brother has decided he does not want to stay in Spalding if that’s the support to be expected.

“If that’s the message it sends out for small businesses against a large national company, we may as well go and join the rat race.”

The pub is owned by the Wellington Pub Company.