Knitting nannas reveal themselves as Spalding’s mystery yarn bombers

Knitting nannas Shirley Payne, Carol Usher, Kitty Dickinson and Jan Neale have been spreading joy with their needles. SG150716-110TW

Knitting nannas aged between 65 and 90 have owned up to being the mystery creators of three magnificent ‘statues’ in Spalding’s Churchgate.

The practice is known as urban knitting, yarn storming or yarn bombing.

Paws for thought opposite The Vista with Joseph's Cat of Many Colours.

But the ladies from Georgian Court simply wanted to brighten up the street scene, where there were bare tree stumps, and put a smile on the faces of passers-by.

Carol Usher (65), Jan Neale (72) and Kitty Dickinson (90), and some of their fellow residents, created a tulip mascot figure, Julipa, The Queen and Joseph’s Cat of Many colours – and have been keeping an eye on the figures from their lofty perch over the road to make sure they have stayed in tip-top competition.

Julipa has been taken down temporarily for a few running repairs but should be back on the street later this week. Kitty says they’ve also supplied The Queen with replacement earrings and a necklace.

Kitty, who turned 90 in January, said she had never heard of yarn bombing but she and her fellow knitters wanted to do something to make the tree stumps look nicer and people seem to appreciate what they have done.

It’s what we need, a bit of cheer in the world. If we make somebody smile then we have done good.

Knitting nanna Carol Usher

She said children really love the figures and she’s spotted youngsters having their photographs taken with them.

“It’s what we need, a bit of cheer in the world,” said Carol. “If we make somebody smile then we have done good.”

Jan told us: “I live in Georgian Court facing the river. I had been thinking about this poor tree stump for months and decided I wanted to give it a dress. At first people laughed at me and then they joined in.”

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