Kind Lola shows she’s cut above to help children

Bye, bye hair - Lola Griggs having her long hair cut for charity.
Bye, bye hair - Lola Griggs having her long hair cut for charity.
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A Fleet mum says she will never forget the day her six-year-old daughter asked her if children could get cancer.

Emma Griggs has friends who have suffered the disease and lost their hair during treatment and the question was always going to be asked.

Lola Griggs after the big chop

Lola Griggs after the big chop

She said: “My daughter Lola just asked me one day if children could get cancer. I had the horrible job of telling her ‘yes’ and she asked me if they would lose their hair. I had to say they can.

“Then she asked ‘can they have some of mine because mine grows really fast?’.”

Emma had heard of the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children who have had cancer treatment because one of her friend’s daughters had recently had her hair cut off for the charity.

She said: “So we looked online at the galleries of hair cuts and Lola was determined to do it.

”Lola needed to be able to donate seven to eight inches of hair and her’s was long enough so we went ahead and organised an appeal.

“She had her hair cut at home by mobile hairdresser Tanya Rodgers the day before her sixth birthday and was really excited and said ‘bye, bye hair’.

“Tanya has trimmed her hair since she was a baby and offered to do the charity cut for free, but we donated what we would have paid to the appeal.”

Lola said: “I wanted to help children with cancer. I’ve had a bob and really like it.”

A JustGiving page was set up for donations and word soon got around.

Lola’s school, Fleet Wood Lane Primary, put a piece in its newsletter telling everyone about what she was doing and asked if anyone would like to make a donation.

As a result, the teachers and parents raised £85.

Willows Day Nursery, which is attended by Lola’s two-year-old brother Danny, also heard about the charity hair cut and wanted to get involved. So far the nursery has raised around £60.

Emma said: “Family, friends, neighbours, teachers, parents and strangers have all donated and my husband and myself have both been humbled by the interest and generosity of people. Lola has also enjoyed reading the messages on JustGiving that people were leaving too.“

When we looked on JustGiving yesterday, Lola had raised £526. Visit to make a donation.