Kamikaze cats on the run

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian, spaldingtoday.co.uk, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian, spaldingtoday.co.uk, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The latest news from our girl about town

Angel had to slam her brakes on THREE times in a matter of minutes while driving through Long Sutton on Saturday evening as kamikaze cats ran out in front of her chariot.

She can only imagine the poor things must have been spooked by the heavy winds.

* Angel had already had to slam her brakes on the previous day when she was surprised by a car being driven straight towards her at some speed behind Hills Department Store on the one-way bit of road on Double Street in Spalding. That road is slightly confusing – it is two-way at the top end at its junction with Westlode Street, suddenly becoming one-way at about the car wash place mid-way down the road. Without good language or road sense skills, it would be pretty easy to make that mistake.

* Our resident Spalding busker, Furry Man, has expanded his repertoire, playing a mouth organ the past couple of times Angel passed him. Strangely, there was a discernible tune coming out of the mouth organ, whereas his guitar skills can best be described as random strummings. Perhaps there is a talented musician hidden behind all the fur, beard and sunglasses.

* One of Angel’s reporter pals was a little browned off when she arrived home to find a card from Anglian Water saying they had replaced her water meter and advising the kitchen cold tap should be run for a “few minutes” – clearly at her expense! – to get rid of the discoloured water.

Her water was so brown that she decided to leave that night’s clothes washing for another day.

*Angel would like to thank the kind man who gave up his copy of May’s Crowland Magazine when the Guardian’s special herald visited the town on May Day Bank Holiday Monday.

The fruits of that generosity will be seen next week when our Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local campaign once again features the town famous for its abbey, bridge and award-winning work by Crowland in Bloom.

* With temperatures rising nicely, Angel is considering taking a different route home after getting more than she bargained for at a letter box in the Sheep Market. Now we all know postmen get their legs out at the whiff of sunshine, but the one showing his builder’s bum wasn’t a first class male.

Which brings a friend onto the subject of leggings. Do girls realise some are see through? They are making his son blush!