Just like Jesus, I am having a clear-out in order to move on

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Barbara Hutchinson, Pilgrim Hospital Chaplain

It is “that time” of year again when we think about having a bit of a spring clean.

Jesus had a clear-out when he overthrew the money changers’ tables

Rev Barbara Hutchinson

There are cupboards to be sorted and many out-of-date things thrown away.

I have a cupboard that for the past 40 years I have put things in but very rarely taken things out of!My theory is that they may be of some use one day.

I think it is time for a good clear-out and I wonder what I will find hidden at the back. As I pull everything out around me I might just find one or two forgotten treasures.

The home-made cards created by the children at playgroup, toys that have been kept just in case we want them, letters received from friends along with loads of rubbish.

As we pull everything out we make such a mess and wonder why we ever began such a job. As we sort through this mess it will no doubt stir up many memories, some good, and some bad.

Jesus had a clear-out when he overthrew the money changers’ tables and drove out the animals from the temple.

He made a dreadful mess which had to be sorted. Old things were thrown out to make way for new and as always he explained his actions to help believers move forward in their faith.

As I have my “clear-out” I hope I have the courage to give away or recycle many of the things that are no longer of use to me in order that I may move on and I hope that you do, too.