Junction’s Olympic link

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Angel would like to minute the similarity between the Olympic Games opening ceremony and the new Pinchbeck Road/West Elloe Avenue junction in Spalding – all looks very nice but what exactly was the vast amount of money spent on?

However, there is a good outcome.

She’s heard word from a nearby resident who is happy to report that traffic does indeed flow better.

The only nuisance being the beeping at night from the new pelican crossing!

Angel couldn’t believe or eyes – or her nose – as she drove to work along West Marsh Road the other morning.

A small child, aged no more than five or six, was leaping all over the back seat of the car in front and at one point had his arms wrapped around the neck of the car driver.

Although a child seat was visible in the back of the car, his parents had obviously decided it was not necessary to strap him in.

A little further down, Angel had to clasp her hand over her nose at the sickening stench from the sewage works – that industrial sized air freshener Anglian Water said it had fitted recently obviously needs an industrial-sized refill pronto!

Angel’s friend is currently relaxing with family in Australia but she’s still managing to give Angel a giggle. Apparentely she was squinting at the flight path graphics during the flight when she turned to her son and said: “Does that say Ecuador?” He had to tell her she wasn’t looking at the flight path at all, it was just a line and read Equator.

Angel enjoys her smooth journey to work between Pinchbeck and Spalding with the two new junctions making traffic flow so much better... but what a shame that awkward Park Road junction didn’t get a make-over at the same time.

Angel met Richard and Judy at Bookmark on Tuesday night and can reveal they are just as they appear on television, except there was no evidence of Richard interrupting Judy’s questions as Angel believes she recalls occasionally happening on TV. In fact, he was the model of a perfect husband (and Judy told the audience she had a good marriage so what happened on the screen obviously stayed there and didn’t creep into the home as it might have done had it been Angel, who gets very annoyed when Mr Angel starts muscling in on her conversations!)

Work has been particularly hard for Angel lately and she hasn’t known whether she’s been coming or going. But, while driving in her warm, comfortable car, on the way to her warm comfortable office yesterday morning, she saw two family members who are in the building trade getting out of a van in the lashing rain... and felt a little bit guilty atbout her feelings.