Jubilee Shelter’s temporary reprieve

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A 75-YEAR-old Holbeach landmark has been given a temporary reprieve because the parish council doesn’t have the money to knock it down.

The council plans to demolish the Jubilee Shelter in Carter’s Park because it’s considered a safety risk.

The shelter was built in 1935 to mark King George V’s Silver Jubilee and was paid for by public subscription.

However, over the years the structure has fallen into disrepair and the parish council, which is responsible for it, says it cannot justify spending the amount of money needed to make it safe again. Along with the safety risks, the shelter attracts groups of youths, and there have been numerous complaints about the state it is often left in.

The decision to demolish the shelter was made at last month’s annual parish meeting but since then Neil Hefford, construction manager for Pinchbeck builder Belmont, has offered to refurbish the roof in an attempt to save the shelter.

However at a meeting on Monday, the council voted again to demolish the shelter.

Only one quote had been received to do the work – £2,400 from Ivan Forman.

Coun Carol Johnson said the original quote she had was less and suggested re-tendering but Coun Isobel Hutchinson said that was unethical and they would have to accept the only tender received.

She said: “We need to check what money we have available in the account for this and if there’s not enough we can’t accept it.”

Coun Johnson said there is only £1,900 available in estimates for work on the Jubilee Shelter so it was agreed that the demolition will have to deferred until the money is available to cover the costs.