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You can boil, steam and even fry them... or you could just hurl cabbages at Holbeach Town & Country Fayre.

Madcap inventor John Ward, who lives in Moulton Seas End, is hoping that visitors to the fayre will rise to the challenge of what he is calling “the world’s first cabbage hurling competition”.

“There is cabbage chucking in the States, not hurling,” John emphasised. “As far as we are concerned nobody else is doing it so it’s certainly a one-off.

“If it goes well, fine, we’ll run it every year.”

John understands something like 200 cabbages are being provided by Naylor Farms and John hopes that the majority of the cabbages will withstand more than one cabbage hurling attempt.

He has designed the trebuchet – or giant cabbage hurling instrument – and now it is down to competitive-minded cabbage hurlers to do the rest.

People can take part in teams of three – and John hopes some might even want to dress up!