Join me in saying no more wind farms

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No, wind farms are not the best way to address our energy targets (Wind farms ‘are answer to county’s energy aim’, Spalding Guardian, June 2).

Unreliable subsidised wind farm electricity will need expensive back up from new and expensive conventional power stations. There are also other issues that suggest our health, our amenities and property values will be badly affected by having them on our doorstep.

Cash-strapped farmers and local authorities in Lincolnshire, it seems to me, are prepared to put that aside and can be bribed by the renewable industry.

Already they are showing themselves willing to take massive steel turbines and drive them into the heart of our unspoilt countryside.

The only message I got from the woeful Pinchbeck Parish Council is that ‘there is money in it.’ May I also refer to the Lincolnshire Free Press report (May 31) in which Coun Steve Williams tells us: “The farmers are getting £12,000 per turbine and it’s index-linked”.

So much for the high ground of environmental consideration!

As my old Yorkshire granny used to tell me: “When politicians come into your back yard and start talking about money it’s time to start counting the spoons.”

I only hope others in Pinchbeck and Surfleet will join me in telling Coun Williams and his like what they can do with their index-linked bribe money!

david turp

Wimberley Way