John’s Eccentric Party targets floating voters

Launch of the Eccentric Party ANL-150116-111742001
Launch of the Eccentric Party ANL-150116-111742001
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South Holland’s favourite madcap inventor is throwing his hat into the political arena landing leading roles with a new party.

The Eccentric Party of Great Britain was officially launched on Wednesday on the River Ouse in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, with six members including Sir Dusty Wells-Fargo – the stage name of Moulton Seas End man John Ward – looking for floating voters.

John, best known to Lincolnshire Free Press readers for founding Holbeach’s World Cabbage Hurling Championships and his crazy creations including the Robin Reliant fire engine and bra warmer, holds the positions of party chairman and Minister for Inventions.

It’s not the first time he’s taken to the political stage, having previously been Minister for Inventions under Screaming Lord Sutch, of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

John was approached about joining the party after meeting up with its leader Lord Toby Jug recently, when the two were filmed last year as part of the docu-film A Different Drummer – Celebrating Eccentrics.

Speaking after Wednesday’s launch, John said: ““There were six of us present for the launch in assorted garb ranging from the captain of the launch – a real launch to aid the launch no less – in his pirate outfit to the party vicar.

“Some of the watching public came up asking assorted questions but I as the party chairman assured most I knew the price of a bottle of milk, how to eat a bacon sandwich and I didn’t smoke or drink. I think I won favour with them!”

John’s first invention – showcased at the launch – was the leader’s podium complete with wheels so he can glide round and meet voters, built-in flashing lights in case of fog and its own plug-hole so, in the case of a flood, it can jettison any excess water.

Party founder Lord Toby Jug, a protégé of Lord Sutch, contested elections for the Monster Raving Loony Party for decades until last year.

He now plans to contest council and parliamentary seats across the country in May with his new party, although John has yet to decide if he will personally stand.

The party’s policies include fitting mobile phones and games machines with a slot meter to reduce use and increase fitness, to have a working day of eight hours of spare time, eight hours of rest and eight hours of sleep, nationalisation of public toilets and dental charges to be capped.