Jobs risk at major Spalding employer

Spalding Bakery, where jobs are under threat.
Spalding Bakery, where jobs are under threat.
  • 46 jobs are under threat
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A total of 46 jobs are feared under threat at one of Spalding’s largest employers.

Staff at the Spalding Bakery on Fulney Lane, run by the Addo Food Group, were called into meetings in the first week back after the Christmas break to be told that redundancies could be expected.

A member of staff who has worked at the site (which was formerly called Pork Farms) for many years, said: “All the staff were called in over two different days to be told changes were being made in the company.

“We were shown sets of figures that the company is making less profit and told that 46-50 people would be made redundant.

“Someone asked if voluntary redundancy could be an option and they were told ‘no chance’.”

A spokeperson for the Spalding Bakery told the Lincolnshire Free Press that discussions are in their early stages but it is understood that 46 jobs across a range of roles could be at risk at the site, which currently has approximately 500 employees.

After the meetings everybody looked at each other and people said: We’d go tomorrow but where else is there to go?

Spalding Bakery employee

The site has undergone a number of changes, at one time being Kerry Foods, before being taken over by Pork Farms in 2014. It was rebranded as the Addo Food Group in 2015.

The site supplies sausage rolls, pasties, its own pastry and a range of snack items to top leading supermarkets.

It says it has invested heavily in development, with staff completing more than 700 hours of training across health and safety, food safety and instructional techniques over the past year to help create a “dedicated and highly skilled workforce”. It also runs an apprenticeship scheme.

The employee who contacted the Free Press added: “Morale at the moment is terribly low. In my years working at the site (some before Addo took over) I’ve seen changes such as double pay stopped, Bank Holiday pay stopped and the free Christmas meal scrapped. They said this year we’d have to pay £5 each for the meal. Well, they sold about two tickets.

“They’ve said to us they’ll be re-adjusting shifts – so from three days on to four days off and working one Saturday a month, it’ll now be six days on and three days off. How is that going to affect people with childcare?

“They’ve said the pay will go up for working the extra hours but our shift premium will be knocked off. That’s the money we get for working unsociable hours. So we won’t really be earning any extra for doing more work.

“After the meetings everybody looked at each other and people said ‘we’d go tomorrow but where else is there to go?’

The Spalding Bakery spokesperson said: “We are in active consultation with our employees on ways we can improve the business for the longer term.

“Our priority at this time is to ensure we are fully engaged in discussions with our employees on what these proposals might mean for them.

“We do recognise that this is a difficult time for those employees affected and are encouraging our staff to come and speak to us with any concerns or questions.”