Jean brings history to life for pupils

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Children received a living history lesson when a villager dropped by to tell them what life was like in Weston in the early 1900s.

95-year-old Jean Cowles shared her memories of her childhood with Key Stage 2 children at Weston St Mary Primary School, including what school was like in those days and what it was like without electricity and indoor toilets.

Headteacher Dawn Neal said: “The pupils found it a very thought-provoking visit.

“Many of them were surprised by what Mrs Cowles had to say as her childhood was obviously very different from the kind of childhood they have today.

“They did notice, however, that some of the games she played are still played today, like marbles and leapfrog, but were shocked to hear that if Mrs Cowles disliked her meal as a child she would have to eat it the next day as her parents could not afford to waste food.”

The class will be following up Mrs Cowles visit by having a debate about discipline in schools and what they thought to the use of canes in school in the 1900s.

Pictured with Mrs Cowles and parish council chairman Anthony Casson are pupils Jasmin White (left) and Ellie-Jo Lilburn.