James melts hearts with his snowman

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THE man who built the now famous snowman and dog at Woolram Wygate level crossing in Spalding has stepped forward to say he did it to give children something to smile about.

James Peart (26) is a traffic control and safety officer with Roadbase and spends 12 hours on site each day.

Every two hours he must do a “maintenance run” – checking signs and cones are where they should be – but his hands are free the rest of the time.

It took four hours to build the snow figures and James says he fitted in his maintenance runs around that.

The snow sculptures made a big change to the frosty faces of passers-by.

He said: “I personally thought it was good public relations and that’s why I did it.

“As soon as people saw the snowman they were saying ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’ – normally they go through so gloomy.

“I love building snowmen. I have got six nieces and nephews and always build snowmen for them.”

James explained that the workmen who are replacing the crossing gates with barriers were snowed in on Sunday, February 6 and there was no work going on that day. Some live as far away as Wales.

A colleague from another company, Dave Sullivan, gave him a hand because it was his job to look after pedestrians using the crossing, but there were no trains and no work was being done.