Jailed: Holbeach man who torched his house with mum asleep inside

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A HOLBEACH man who set fire to his family home and then refused help from firefighters attempting to rescue him has been jailed for three years.

Richard Parsons returned to the property in Albert Walk at 1am after spending the evening out drinking and started fires in the lounge and garage.

Parsons’ mother was awoken by a smoke alarm and after getting out of bed she discovered her son sitting on the sofa watching the blaze.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting at Lincoln Crown Court, said “She attempted to put out the fire then ran back upstairs to find her mobile phone to call the emergency services.

“She came back down screaming at her son. He simply told her to leave. He unlocked the door and pushed his mother outside and then locked the door leaving himself inside.”

Two firefighters using breathing apparatus searched the burning property. They found Parsons behind a closed door but he refused their help and swore, telling them to go away.

Moments later they broke down the door and found him collapsed on the floor unconscious. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

After his release from hospital Parsons was interviewed by police and told he had drunk five pints of lager and two shots and then “something snapped”.

He said he never intended to harm his mother.

The fire caused an estimated £20,000 worth of damage.

Parsons (21), of Albert Walk, admitted arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered on January 5.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “This was a very serious offence. You were plainly uninhibited by the effects of alcohol.

“Thank heavens for the smoke alarm. Had that smoke alarm not gone off or your mother had not heard it then she could well have perished.”

Alison Summers, defending, said Parsons’ intention was to harm himself and told the court he had been suffering depression at the time.

“He was in a drunken state that evening. He is a very emotionally immature young man who is particularly vulnerable.

“Until this incident he thought life was pretty bad.

“He has since realised there are people whose plight is considerably worse.”