Italian finale for cookery club at Peele

All smiles at the Jamie Oliver Cookery Club based at Peele Community College.
All smiles at the Jamie Oliver Cookery Club based at Peele Community College.
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The Jamie Oliver Cookery Club – for students together with their parents to learn how to cook tasty meals – was launched by director of student support, Pam Mellor, at The Peele Community College in March.

Every Wednesday a new recipe has been introduced to the group, who have been honing their cookery skills and learning new techniques.

Karla Sparks, with her daughter Jenaya, says she has enjoyed all the sessions, but her favourite is when they learned to make pasta from simple ingredients of flour and eggs.

She said: “I thought making homemade pasta would be intricate but it was much easier than I thought.

“With fresh pasta, the taste is better and it’s really good, because it gets the kids involved, too.”

The culmination of the 12-week course is the final evening when guests are invited to a delicious Italian three- course meal, with everything made ‘from scratch’.

The inviting menu comprises of a starter of homemade plaited herby bread with camembert, a main course of lasagne, with salad and Italian dressing and a dessert of tiramisu.

The Jamie Oliver group have planned all the details of the evening, including preparing place cards, tablecloths and ice-breakers. The guest of honour is their teacher, Pam Mellor.

“We want to thank her for her patience with us,” explained Karla.

Liz Baker, who has been doing the course with her daughter, Katie, added: “It’s good when you work a lot of hours to learn how to make quick healthy meals from fresh ingredients, and especially for Katie to learn the basics in cookery. We have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Nicky Dodd, with her two daughters, speaking on behalf of the group, said: “We’d like to thank the ladies from the college – both Pam Mellor, and Fiona Cotton, who has assisted us – as they have been fantastic. We have learnt lots of new things.”

All the students are looking forward to receiving their certificates in September.