It takes two to make one medallist great (Twitter: #raceyjadeski)

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The card game Double or Quits has a reality for trainee geography teacher and Winter Paralympics legend Jade Etherington, along with her guide Caroline Powell.

After more than six months of communicating through headsets on some of the toughest ski slopes in the world, the Essex-born pair have left the alpine stage with their places in British sporting history now secured.

Jade Etherington and Caroline Powell.

Jade Etherington and Caroline Powell.

Jade said: “I’m really happy with what I did at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi because my aim was to win a medal.

“I definitely wouldn’t trade my medals for the gold medal won by my team-mate Kelly Gallacher whose vision is better than mine and who had more experience than I did.

“I’ll always have the medals but I’m not just a skier.”

Caroline, who is now concentrating on her career as a skiing instructor at the Performance Verbier Ski School in Switzerland, added: “After spending a season abroad instructing people, I was contacted by the British Disabled Ski Team to see if I wished to become a guide due to my previous racing history.

“I thought this would be a great insight into adaptive sport for me as I was studying it at the time and when I met up with Jade, we hit it off really well from the start.

“At first, it was difficult for us to establish a relationship because one of us was telling the other person what to do all the time – almost like being a teacher.

“But Jade and I were honest from the beginning and we always knew where we stood with each other.

“Initially, it was just a working relationship where we spent so much time together going through drills and practising certain commands on what would work best.

“But it became a strong friendship, even when we were working extremely hard both on and off snow for the six months we were together.

“Jade was an inspiring athlete to work with and a privilege to guide, so we’ll always stay in touch with each other and she’s practically a sister to me now.”

But even though their careers are now about to move in different directions, the great unknown is whether almost £2.75 million worth of funding for para-alpine skiing to be provided by UK Sport over the next four years will bring the pair back together.

Jade said: “It’s a shame that the funding is a little too late for us but we both value the other part of our lives now.”