It’s time to think pantomime – oh yes it is!

Buttons ANL-140626-130836001
Buttons ANL-140626-130836001
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News from the South Holland Centre

It’s June, and while many of us are relishing the warmth and long summer days, Polka Dot Pantomimes have their sights on December, as they beaver away in preparation for this year’s festive pantomime, Cinderella.

Cinderella ANL-140626-130854001

Cinderella ANL-140626-130854001

Although show time seems a whole world away, production companies are making important casting decisions right now.

Recently in London, the Polka Dot team auditioned over 500 professional performers, all vying for parts in one of their Christmas shows.

Two key roles for Spalding’s Cinderella were filled: the energetic and hilarious Luke Glover stole the part of Buttons – look out for the odd magic trick up his sleeve; and then professional dancer and singer Emma Wilson, who has West End credit to her name, took the central role.

She is well acquainted with Cinderella’s ups and downs having previously played the part at Theatre Royal, Margate.

While the chorus is currently being cast from local auditions held at the South Holland Centre, the next job is to nail the two Ugly Sisters via a countrywide search of casting companies and acting agencies.

Meanwhile, the team have secured one of the most impressive special effects sequences ever seen at the South Holland Centre, when the amazing flying Pegasus escorts Cinderella to the ball! All we can say at the moment is ‘don’t look down!’.

Cinderella runs from December 10, 2014, to January 3, 2015, at the South Holland Centre.

Tickets have been released today, so book your favourite seat by calling the Box Office now on 01775 764777.