It’s polling day for our county council wards ... here’s a checklist of local candidates

We go to the polls today for the Lincolnshire County Council elections.
We go to the polls today for the Lincolnshire County Council elections.
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Voters are heading to the polling stations between 7am and 10pm today to decide the political make-up of the next Lincolnshire County Council.

Conservatives (Con), the Labour Party (Lab), the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem), the UK Independence Party (UKIP), the Green Party (Green) and Independents (Ind) are fielding candidates.

Check out the candidates in your ward –

Crowland: Charles Finister (Lib Dem), Darryl Kirk (Lab), Nigel Pepper (Con).

Donington Rural: Rodney Grocock (Con), Jane King (Ind), Richard Mair (Lab).

Holbeach: Paul Foyster (UKIP), Helena Mair (Lab), Nick Worth (Con).

Holbeach Rural: Peter Coupland (Con), Robert Gibson (UKIP), Philip Hammersley (Lib Dem), Lucinda Preston (Lab).

Spalding East: Richard Fairman (UKIP), Karen Lee (Lab), Eddy Poll (Con), Kathleen Tanner (Lib Dem).

Spalding Elloe: Emily Bates (UKIP), Martin Blake (Green), Mark Currier (Lib Dem), Douglas Dickens (Ind), John Grocock (Lab), Elizabeth Sneath (Con).

Spalding South: Andrew Bowell (Lab), Christine Lawton (Con), Jordan Swallow (Lib Dem), Pete Williams (UKIP).

Spalding West: Wojciech Kowalewski (Lab), Angela Newton (Ind), Gary Taylor (Con).

The Suttons: Chris Brewis (Ind), Paul Gowen (Lab), Jack Tyrrell (Con).

Contests will also take place in:

Bourne North and Morton: Robbie Britton (Lab), Sue Woolley (Con).

Bourne South and Thurlby: Bob Mumby (Lab), Helen Powell (Lincolnshire Independents), Robert Reid (Con), Ian Smith (Lib Dem).

Deepings East: Adam Brookes (Lib Dem), Phil Dilks (Labour and Co-operative), Barry Dobson (Con).

Deepings West and Rural: Ashley Baxter (Ind), Bob Broughton (Ind), Rosemary Woolley (Con).

Folkingham Rural: Tracey Foreman (Lab), Jan Hansen (Ind), Martin Hill (Con).

Boston Rural: Michael Brookes (Con), Gordon Stephens (Green), Jodie Sutton (UKIP), Norman Walsh (Lab).

Boston South: Alison Austin (Ind), David Brown (Con), Andy Cook (Lab), Mat Mohns (Lib Dem), Vicky Percival (Green), Don Ransome (UKIP).