It’s party time at last for amazing group of Spalding students

Spalding Academy ball at Springfields'Period limo for Liberty Studd, Kamila Rondeda, Ranita Dulkyte
Spalding Academy ball at Springfields'Period limo for Liberty Studd, Kamila Rondeda, Ranita Dulkyte
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Spalding Academy’s first leavers’ prom was held on Tuesday evening and was a glittering affair .

The Year 11 prom committee made the Springfields events centre venue look amazing in true Gatsby style and all students looked stunning arriving on the red carpet.

Spalding Academy ball at Springfields'No names

Spalding Academy ball at Springfields'No names

Previously, when under the Gleed banner, the school had shared its prom with the town’s two grammar schools.

Spalding Academy pastoral lead manager Ian Billinghurst said: “I was the student’s Head of Year for Years 9 and 10 and the whole year group have matured into hard working and conscientious students that always thrive to do their best in all situations, taking on challenges with a smile and determination to achieve.

“The prom was a fitting ending for this fantastic group of students who we are proud to say are the first cohort of Year 11 Spalding Academy students.

“This group have set the bar extremely high regarding effort, behaviour and focus and we all look forward to August now when we know the students’ hard work will be rewarded with some fantastic exam results.

“All the students looked fantastic and were a credit to themselves, their families and the school.”

Spalding Academy head Laurence Reilly said: “This particular group of students have seen a lot of changes throughout their five years at the school; their final year in particular was very different from what they were used to.

“I was amazed and delighted by their reaction to the intensive programme of support and challenge that came when the SLAT sponsorship of the school commenced last September.

“To my amazement, the students simply readily absorbed whatever was thrown at them and came back for more. I have never worked with a group of such conscientious students with such a positive attitude to learning and thirst for knowledge.

“It was therefore a pleasure for them to be able to relax after all their hard work and enjoy a final social evening together before they go their separate ways. As ever, their behaviour was exemplary and they celebrated in style, arriving in a variety of interesting and exotic vehicles and ‘dressed to impress’.

“The close partnership between staff and students was shown by the number of teachers and pastoral staff who attended the evening. As the event was exclusively for Spalding Academy Year 11 students, we were able to hold a lighthearted awards ceremony as part of the celebrations.

“I would just like to thank the parents of our students for trusting us with the education of their sons and daughters; we now look forward with quiet confidence, and a few nerves, to the GCSE results day in August where we hope that the students hard work is rewarded by success.

“The school is very grateful to Amanda Halifax and the team of the student prom committee who worked hard behind the scenes to make the event such a great success.”

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