It’s not too late to change the way we care for each other

Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton
Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton , Minister, Gosberton Baptist Church; Chaplain, Johnson Community Hospital

It was 60 years ago in South London... My schoolmaster, a lovely man called Mr Vivian who had a short fuse but a heart of gold, summoned me from my desk and asked me to step outside into the corridor.

There he gave me a handful of coins, and a heavy package.

‘Listen carefully’, he said. ‘In this box are two films which must be returned to the London Schools’ Film Library today. Here’s your bus fare. I trust you. Off you go now.’

Yes, I know – if he did that today there would be a safeguarding storm and he’d be sacked. But all I thought as I marched up the road was – ‘He trusts me!’

I’ll never forget the look of relief and joy on Mr Vivian’s face when I returned.

‘You did it? Well done – I knew you would!’

God has trusted us to look after his wonderful world. We’ve messed up big time, but it is not too late to change the way we care for each other, and the way we care for the Earth. Will God say to you one day ‘You did it! I knew you would.’