It’s basically a show about me being an idiot

Chris Ramsey
Chris Ramsey
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Funny Geordie boy Chris Ramsey first appeared at the South Holland Centre as part of his 2013 stand-up tour ‘Feeling Lucky’.

The star of BBC2’s Hebburn, and regular guest on Celebrity Juice, returns to the South Holland Centre on the second leg of his 2014 national tour ‘The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television’ (so called for getting booted off the Soccer AM sofa for misbehaving) and squeezed us in for a quick chat during his busy schedule.

What do you remember from your first visit to Spalding?

To be honest... not a thing! I never do. But you can bet once I arrive I’ll remember what I had for my dinner last time I was there!

Your show is called ‘The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television’ – should we be worried?

Not at all. It’s basically a show about me being an idiot and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time... which I think everyone can relate to.

You and (support act) Carl Hutchinson must be extremely good mates by now, what have you found out about each other that you didn’t know before?

Me and Carl were good mates before we started comedy. We’ve known each other from when we were like 16 so we already knew most stuff about each other. I think the main thing we’ve learnt is how to really annoy the other person as quickly as possible. It’s a joy!

What advice would you give to Lincolnshire young people looking to go into the comedy business?

Go for it. That’s what I did.

Finally, the last time you appeared at the Centre you were snapped in our café bar with a mug of tea. What would your perfect accompaniment be?

Oh man, at a gig on this tour a lady baked me cookie dough, brownie chocolate cake with cookie dough icing. It was incredible. So that. That twice!

Chris played to a full house the first time around and tickets are selling well for his return visit to the Centre on Thursday, November 13, at 8pm. The show is suitable for over-14s and tickets are £16.50 from the Box Office or