It’s a dog’s life during walkies as ‘COPS’ go out on patrol in Spalding

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There will soon be some new COPS on the beat in Spalding - helping local police officers sniff out crime.

Dog owners are being invited to sign up for Canines on Patrol (COPS) - a county wide campaign where eagle-eyed residents report anything suspicious spotted on their daily walks.

PCSO Kim Marlowe with Luca - one of Spalding's first Canine On Patrol recruits.

PCSO Kim Marlowe with Luca - one of Spalding's first Canine On Patrol recruits.

The launch takes place at Rooke’s pet store in High Street on Saturday, March 15, and owners who sign up will get an information pack, incident log and a COPS ID badge for their dog.

Even though they will be wearing the COPS badge, dogs won’t be expected to chase any criminals. While they carry on sniffing, it is their owners who could spot something vital.

PCSO Kim Marlowe, who is launching the campaign with PCSO Lisa Waterfall, said: “Dog walkers have always been important sources of information for us.

“Because they walk at regular times, they are more likely to spot if someone hasn’t drawn their curtains that day and may be sick, or where a window has been broken.

“Once when I was walking my dog I came across some dumped stolen lead which I wouldn’t have found on my normal patrol.

“Becoming a COP acknowledges how important dog walkers are to the police.”

Crime reduction advice will be given to members to make them aware of current incidents.

Members will also be told how to safeguard their animals and personal possessions.

The Rooke’s launch is between 10am and 4pm. Dog owners can also get their pets microchipped for free thanks to the Dogs Trust.

Another launch will be at Baytree Garden Centre on April 12 before COPS is rolled out across South Holland.