It may be holidays but kids experience Latin, verbs, the cane and the dunce’s hat

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Two very successful drama workshops for children took place at the Holbeach Cemetery Chapels recently.

The 49 participants learnt much about life in Victorian times, when the Chapels were built and, after a two-day session, performed a short play for parents and friends in the Chapels.

Funded by the HCC grant from Heritage Lottery, ACT II Theatre Company took the children back to a Victorian classroom, 
reciting tables, Latin verbs and books of the Bible.

The teacher, Karl Gernert, was very strict and imposed punishments that were unfamiliar to young people nowadays, such as the cane and wearing a dunce’s hat!

The Holbeach Cemetery Research Group provided the biographical details of people buried in the cemetery and these informed the drama activities and the concluding play.

The event was an enriching and enjoyable experience for the young people, many saying they would like to be involved in more heritage events at the Chapels.