It feels much more like Broadway than Broad Street!

Trish Burgess backstage ANL-150529-135536001
Trish Burgess backstage ANL-150529-135536001
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TRISH TAKES FIVE: By blogger Trish Burgess

It’s 6.30pm An hour to go before curtain-up. Have arrived at the South Holland Centre ready for the opening night of the SADOS production, The Magic of Music.

6.40pm Cast go through some of the routines on stage, making minor adjustments following last night’s dress rehearsal. The Act II children, who are performing with us, are all excited. They are an adorable group of kids and have made this production very special for us.

6.45pm Radio microphones are collected from the mixing desk. Rush to Dressing Room Two which has been my second home since we arrived at the theatre on Sunday. Sharing the room with Jane, Mandie and Colette: we try to keep each other calm, supported by a good supply of jelly babies and fruit pastilles.

6.50pm Plaster on the make-up: a good coverage of foundation and bronzer plus vivid red lipstick. The mirrors are large and well-lit, with those fabulous columns of bare lightbulbs: feel like I’m on Broadway rather than off Broad Street.

7.00pm Deputy Stage Manager has just announced “House is open” to the cast over the internal tannoy system. The audience are entering the auditorium: we can no longer practise on stage and must be out of sight.

They are an adorable group of kids and have made this production very special for us

7.10pm Check the costumes for the show: basque, tutu, two hats, three pairs of gloves (red satin, white satin and yellow rubber), four pairs of shoes, a waistcoat, assorted skirts and blouses and a leather jacket. Mrs Overall has been brought out of retirement so there’s a pinny, a vest with attached Dowager’s hump and tights with stitched in varicose veins.

7.15pm Get in a muddle attaching my microphone. The battery pack is securely fastened round my waist but the mic itself is wobbling around my ears.

7.20pm People rush about in the corridor: forgotten accessories, lost props, someone practising their songs. Nerves have returned so I wander about, stepping out some of the dance routines and going over lyrics in my head.

7.25pm ‘Act One beginners, please’ No going back now.

7.30pm The audience settle down, a few coughs can be heard, the shuffling lessens. Lights go down. The strains of the opening bars seep through the speakers. It’s showtime...

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