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Deeping St Nicholas farmer says agricultural policy may end in tears

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In the weekly Word on the Ground column, farmer Chris Carter talks about COP26 and the Government's plans for agriculture...

Apparently we are halfway through the Talkfest that is COP26 in Glasgow, the Global Climate Change conference that is supposed to decide what the world is to do about the environment.

I’m a little confused about the validity of all this since Russia and China (apparently the world’s greatest polluting nations) have chosen not to appear.

Chris Carter (49570297)
Chris Carter (49570297)

The sainted Greta, who’s not part of any delegation nor has any official role (despite bring probably the world’s most vocal campaigner) has said that all that’s been achieved so far is the status quo plus a lot of ‘blah,blah,blah’.

I cannot help but agree, and that’s a first for me!

More locally, however, is the mess that the Government seems to be creating by appearing to have no real idea as to future Agricultural Policy, the impasse of which will greatly impact all farmers and growers plus of course the countryside.

Boris appears to be on a mission to ensure every aspect of our life has the very finest green credentials, but at what cost?

So far we have been told, somewhat patronisingly, that we can have lawns and plant trees.

Well that’s a relief, because every farmer I know has done both but they also believe our primary role is to produce food which doesn’t seem to get much of a mention.

It seems that our livestock sector is on the verge of being demonised to the extent that UK meat production will end, transporting the problem overseas for someone else to deal with.

This lack of cohesive forward planning may well end in tears for many local food and horticultural businesses.

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