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Spalding area home is sought for sweet Sydney

Could you help Jerry Green Dog Rescue find the ideal home for this lovely dog?

Sydney is a sweet three-year-old female terrier who loves being out enjoying herself - especially when it comes to playing.

She can be a little worried when initially meeting new people but quickly comes out of her shell and then there is no stopping her.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find a home for Sydney (21484499)
Jerry Green Dog Rescue is hoping to find a home for Sydney (21484499)

Sydney enjoys walks but knows when it is time to relax a little more and will either entertain herself with a toy (although this can sometimes result in the toy needing repairs), or she will snuggle up with you on the sofa for a nap.

Sweet Sydney is looking for a home with children aged 14 and above, this will help her feel more confident as fast movements and loud noises can worry her. If you feel you have a quiet and sympathetic home for our lovely Sydney then contact the team on 01205 260546, alternatively email on slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk.

The team has also thanked Jessie Firth.

Jesse presents money to Jerry Green Dog Rescue (21484489)
Jesse presents money to Jerry Green Dog Rescue (21484489)


She chose to help the centre while working towards her Brownie badge and raised £102.50 by baking and selling her very own doggie treats.

Jessie said that she really enjoyed making the doggie treats with her friend Hattie.

If you feel like putting on your apron and giving dog treat baking a go to raise money for a charity then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to see how we can support you to support us.

Training tip:

Whether you enjoy having a cuddle with your dog on the sofa or would prefer for them to keep their four feet firmly planted on the floor, teaching an “off” cue can be invaluable for those times when we need to move our dogs. We can also utilise it for getting out of the car or even asking them to get off after jumping up at the kitchen counters!

To start have some pea-sized treats that your dog enjoys ready on hand. Encourage your dog onto the sofa by tossing a treat; now toss a treat off the sofa and when your dog jumps off mark this behaviour (say “good”) and give them an additional treat from your hand. When your dog can do this consistently, instead of tossing the treat off the sofa have the treat in your hand and gesture/point to the floor with this hand. When your dog jumps off the sofa mark and reward with a treat, repeat until they can do this five times in a row.

Now the most important step, as we don’t want to always need food to get our dogs off furniture. With an empty hand, point to the floor when your dog is on the sofa. When your dog jumps off, mark the behaviour and reward them; repeat until they can do it five times in a row and move onto the last step – adding a word! With your dog on the sofa say “off” and point to the floor, reward your dog and keep repeating until they can do it all whenever you ask.

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