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Spalding area residents have their say over Lincolnshire County Council's active travel zone plans

Residents have described a proposed scheme which would remove dozens of town car parking spaces as a ‘nail in the coffin’ for the town.

As part of the Spalding town centre active travel zone, a scheme which has been proposed by Lincolnshire County Council, on-street parking would be removed on a number of streets in the town to make way for cyclists and pedestrians.

Residents and readers have now voiced their own concerns over the proposal which, if approved, would see the removal of on-street parking on Double Street and The Crescent to create protected cycle contraflows, amongst other plans.

Sheep Market in Spalding (45386274)
Sheep Market in Spalding (45386274)

Taking to Facebook, reader Milly Molly said: “Why does this council want to just make everyone cycle everywhere? Go and look at the demographic, see how the town functions. Don’t just put more cycle racks and less car parking spaces - that doesn’t encourage a healthier population. This town will die on its feet. When we’re allowed to mix again let’s make the town a decent place to be. Accept people will use cars and accommodate that.

“Yes, encourage healthy activities but don’t do it at the cost of car drivers. This town has a lot of history and it’s about time we promoted that to bring people in, not shut them out.”

Louise Neal said: “Businesses have suffered enough due to Covid. Removing parking spaces is a ridiculous plan. Increasing parking charges is another plan that will discourage shoppers! Soon there will not be a town left as no one will be park.”

Concerned Jacqueline Kemp added: “It’s the nail in the coffin concerning the demise of the town, it beggars belief.”

The proposal also includes allowing cycling at all times in Market Place and permitting cycling from Hall Place to Sheep Market at all times. On-street parking would also be removed in Sheep Market to make way for additional pedestrian space and the current one-way system in The Crescent would be extended past the junction with Spring Gardens.

Commenting on Twitter, James Hart said: “If they made Hall Place and Market Place into full time two way cycle lanes then there would be no need for contraflow lanes either side of it on the Crescent or Broad Street. That would improve the cycling provision and keep the on street short stay parking that.”

However, reader Adam Ellis says that it’s good that progress is being made when it comes to cycling in the town.

Posting on Facebook, he said: “Great idea. It will take a long while for people to see the benefits but good to see some progress being made on cycling infrastructure.”

There are also concerns for those who struggle with mobility who often rely on on-street parking.

Karen Smart said: “What about all the disabled people? People on bikes don’t always take notice of us. Being on crutches is worse , you can’t dodge bikes that easily, so please, please have some consideration for people with disabilities!

Scott Michael Scoot added: “There is enough access for cyclists. Short stay road side parking is important, maybe for disabled people only, to aid small local store access.”

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