Is missing Izzy in your garden?

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IZZY the jackdaw has flown the nest, leaving his owners – and his girlfriend Ro the one-legged crow – missing him desperately.

Tame Izzy went missing from Monica and Chris Lawrence’s Swineshead home on October 21 and although it’s not unusual for him to disappear for a few hours with the wild flock, he rarely disappears overnight, much less for days on end.

The couple took in Izzy – short for ‘izzy behaving himself?’ – in 2007 after receiving a call for help as he was making a nuisance of himself at a primary school in Boston.

Monica said: “Living with a jackdaw is like living with a winged monkey, or a perpetual toddler, but despite all this, we really do miss him.

“Although he is able to fend for himself, he isn’t really a wild bird at heart – after a bath, he likes to sit on a knee and be dried with a hairdryer.

“His girlfriend Ro is very quiet at the moment.

“It’s an unusual relationship, but for the last four years the two of them have been very close, and their attachment is a touching thing to witness.

“Chris works from home and says the days here are miserable, and I dream about Izzy every night.

“Home seems quiet and empty without him as he always had an opinion to share on everything.

“It’s unbelievable how one little bird can take up such a large space in your heart.”

Izzy has a history of settling at schools as he feels an affinity with children and Monica hopes he has settled at a school following the half-term break.

The couple are offering a £50 reward for his safe return, or information leading to it.

l If you spot Izzy call Monica or Chris on 01205 820535 or 01205 365393