Is it autumn already?

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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Summer days, picnics and school holidays: Angel thinks this is just a glorious time of year. But then she has noticed dead leaves gathering under trees and was blackberrying last Sunday... is it also autumn?

• Angel and ‘im indoors love getting into nature occasionally and, if you haven’t already done it, she would suggest a visit to the RSPB’s reserve at Frampton Marsh. It has developed into a delightfully watery habitat for all kinds of wildlife. Among the hundreds of birds spotted at the weekend were three spoonbills and lots of little egrets.

• Angel noticed at the weekend that the inflatable mattress that provided great fun for a group of lads as they splashed about in the Coronation Channel the previous week was lying deflated on the riverbank. Wonder if someone has lost a spare bed and hasn’t realised it yet?

• Angel simply adores crisps but there’s one sort she would never try. Wonderful M&S have a reduced fat (that’s okay), buttered baked potato flavour. Excuse me but aren’t the crisps already made from tates?

• A peacock has taken to early morning struts around a quiet residential street in Quadring. So far Angel hasn’t seen him fan his tail feathers but he’s a magnificent sight all the same.

• Angel wasn’t a big fan of school and loved the long summer break. She dreaded the appearance of “back to school” signs in the shops because that meant the glorious six weeks of freedom was coming to an end. These days the signs appear at the start of the hols. Poor kids.

Won’t be long before the Christmas cards are on sale, will it?

• One of Angel’s reporter colleagues attended a parish council meeting the other night when a councillor’s report was passed to fellow members. One was heard to say: “We’ve already got toilet roll in our house.”

• The world may have moved on with music played on iPods rather than CD players. But Angel hasn’t. Angel regularly searches through CDs at our wonderful charity shops and also looks at the limited selections in our supermarkets to add to her collection. Surely there’s an opportunity now for someone to run a small music shop?

• Angel never really suffered from hay fever until this year and has found that the army of antihistamines available from chemists and supermarkets has failed to make a jot of difference to her sniffles and sneezes.

Her best new purchase was an electric fan – with a whisper quiet sleep setting – so she can snooze on these hot summer nights without opening the windows and letting in all of that pollen.