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Donington Parish Council hears of intimidation and vandalism in Flinders Park

A PCSO has been called in to deal with a boy who has allegedly been intimidating others in Flinders Park, Donington.

Coun Gill Lunn said the park had also suffered a series of incidents where items have been vandalised.

Speaking at the parish council meeting, Coun Lunn said: “We have had a bit of trouble in the park.

Donington Parish Council news
Donington Parish Council news

“We had the intimidation and a PCSO went out to the boy in question who has been intimidating other children.”

Later posting on Facebook, parish councillor Jane King said: “Flinders Park in Donington is kept looking really pretty and tidy by volunteers, yes those people who do it because they want to and to help the local community, and are unpaid.

“So can someone please explain why we have mindless morons who think it’s a good idea to pull up plants, destroy flower beds and kick the door in on the tool shed?

“Everything in the park is there because we have spent hours fundraising and applying for grants. It would be so nice if everyone could enjoy the park without resorting to senseless vandalism.”

Also from the parish council:

* A former parish council chairman, Mark Rollinson, is standing down because authorities like South Holland District Council and Lincolnshire County Council “don’t listen to us”.

He said parish councillors try their hardest for the village but are just knocking their heads against a brick wall because their views are ignored.

Planning was one issue he highlighted where the parish council’s views go unheeded and he said there was “no integrated planning policy” for the village.

Coun Rollinson said: “The police don’t listen to us. South Holland District Council don’t listen to us and Lincolnshire County Council don’t listen to us.”

Coun Phil Lovell said Coun Rollinson’s contribution to the village had been “immense”. He agreed with his reasons for stepping down and believes it’s only a matter of time before others do the same.

* Congratulations are going to Dejex for the way it has transformed the garden at the community library free of charge.

Council chairman Coun Arthur Baldwin said a thank you letter should go to the company.

The spot includes a space where villagers will be able to find ingredients for cooking once new herb plants are established.

* The countdown has begun to time-limited parking in Market Place, which will be “policed” by a private company.

Clerk Diane Fairweather said: “The contracts have been signed for the car park.”

It will be four hour waits in the main body of the car park and 30 minutes along the wall beside the Seng House.

* Councillors are trying to help a trader based in a lay-by on the A52.

Council chairman Coun Arthur Baldwin says: “There’s a lot of litter in one of the big dykes.”

He said the trader felt he was being fobbed off by the county and district councils.

Coun Mark Rollinson offered to approach the drainage board for help.

* Coun Phil Lovell has counted 150 cracked paving slabs in Market Place and says they need replacing.

He said: “Most of it has been done with vehicles going on there, heavier than they should be.”

Coun Lovell discovered the cracked slabs after he went to the spot to repair faulty paving.

The council is seeking quotes for the work.

* There will be a flypast at 2.31pm over the Lancaster Memorial in Caythorpe Road, Bicker, on Saturday, May 18. A service takes place at 11am.

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