INCINERATOR: The recommendation can only be for refusal

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At last the planning application regarding the proposed incinerator in Sutton Bridge will be considered by South Holland District Council’s planning committee on Wednesday.

Anyone who has followed the “progress” of the application will know how time consuming it has been ,especially the planning officers.

It is vital that the Wash is not put “at risk” by any development proposal

No doubt they have been required to tread very carefully bearing in mind the huge adverse public reaction to this application.

However the officers have produced a report which is very clear. In Section 7 they asked the applicant last August for quite clear and specific information about a number of important matters, many of which were raised by objectors.

To date the applicant has not responded in any way,shape or form.In the absence of this information then the recommendation can only be for refusal.

The reasons for refusal are clear and I am pleased that the Wash, which is probably the most highly designated international site in the country, is specifically named.

It is vital that the Wash is not put “at risk” by any development proposal.We are all custodians of the Wash and it is up to us to protect it for future generations.Refusal of this application can only help to ensure that the Wash is protected.