Inches away from risk of river flooding

Marsh Road, Sluice, Spalding
Marsh Road, Sluice, Spalding
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Serious flooding was avoided in Spalding, despite the River Welland rising to within centimetres of levels where it could have burst its banks.

At several points since the weekend the water rose to above two metres – which is the level where the river is deemed to be at high risk of flooding – but careful monitoring by The Environment Agency meant disaster was averted.

It meant Spalding and surrounding areas have avoided the worst of the severe flooding which has affected many areas of the country.

Although a flood warning remained in place yesterday, a spokesman for the Environment Agency said levels were not expected to get any higher and that levels had been carefully managed to keep the town safe.

He said: “Water levels have been fluctuating over the last few days while water has been passed through the river.

“However we do not expect the water level to get any higher than the peak heights reached during the past week.”

Although at it’s height, at about 5.45am on Tuesday, the water reached the 2.05m, it was nowhere near as high as the 2.58m record level and just below the 2.09m mark reached in March 2007. Yesterday, the river’s peak was 1.8m.