In from cold – but cruelty must stop

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It was the final straw for a Spalding veterinary surgery when six kittens were dumped outside late at night and left frightened, cold and huddled in a plastic box.

Vet Savers, in St Thomas’s Road, is offering special deals on neutering for July and August because the litter is the 11th staff have taken in over the past six weeks.

Registered veterinary nurse Suzhy Winfield said: “This just can’t keep happening.

“If it’s the cost that has stopped people from getting their pets neutered then our area manager Richard Brooks has agreed a special deal for July and August.

“Let’s just get it done and stop this cruelty.”

The four-week-old black and white kittens were found huddling together in a corner of the box at 11pm on Tuesday night, hungry and covered in fleas.

Suzhy said: “I live above the vets and had heard a car about 10pm but thought nothing of it as there is a house opposite which is always having visitors.

“But when I took my dog out at 11pm, I saw a blue plastic box had been dumped outside the surgery door.

“When I moved back the cover, which was just a bed throw, there was a litter of kittens underneath.

“At that time it was far too cold for them to be outside.

“It’s a good job I have a dog or else they could have been there all night.

“I got them in quickly, warmed them up and mashed up some food for them and now their tummies are full we are waiting for Cats’ Protection to pick them up for rehoming.

“But they are just overrun with cats – this has just got to stop.”