In Bloom vow to beat the drought

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LONG Sutton in Bloom has vowed to press ahead with plans for special displays to mark the jubilee despite a ban on using mains water.

The committee behind the village’s summer flower displays held an emergency meeting after being told by Anglian Water it would be limited by the current hosepipe ban.

It has already ordered a large number of plants ahead of planting but had feared their plans would be scuppered by the drought.

Vice chairman Barry Meade said: “We have decided that we have already spent too much money to allow it to go to waste so we have decided to take the bull by the horns and look at other options for watering the displays.

“We plan to look into the possibility of using local wells and investing in a bowser or commercial pump to enable us to collect the water we need.”

Mr Meade highlighted the group’s plight during an open forum at Long Sutton Parish Council on Thursday, when he explained that keeping the plants watered during a hot month can take up to 30,000 litres of water.

Councillors made a number of suggestions, including local wells, which Mr Meade said he would investigate.

He said: “We have decided to jump in feet first and go-ahead with our plans.

“We ordered a lot of plants last autumn because we had big plans for a special effort for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympics.

“But last week we queried with Anglian Water how the hosepipe ban would affect us and were told we would not be allowed to use mains water.

“That decision is going to have a huge impact on In Bloom efforts across the country.

“It will be interesting to see what happens in Nottingham, for example where they spend tens of thousands from their tourist budget on displays.”

It is believed Skegness and Cleethorpes In Bloom committees are are also reconsidering their displays as a result of the drought.