In-between season dressing

Autumn fashion
Autumn fashion
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In between seasons – don’t you just love them?

We’re currently starting the day wrapped up against chilly winds or rain, but realise we’ve got it completely wrong as the afternoon’s surprisingly warm sun takes hold.

In between seasons call for an entirely different wardrobe, though at the moment we can get away with simply adding an extra layer for cool mornings and evenings.

Let’s be honest though, after a few months of summer clothes, the idea of getting back into winter clothes has its appeal.

Most of us love the feel of a cosy sweater or cardigan and the richer textures of warmer clothing.

For now though, a jacket or blazer is a useful layer that will add warmth and an element of smartness when it’s needed. There are still a number of soft, unstructured jackets around that will fill this in-between season gap very nicely.

Most useful of all though is the scarf and fashionable women this year are wearing it long and loose. That’s all very well for now, but once those winter winds start blowing we suspect it will soon be doubled round the neck to offer a little warmth – and to prevent it blowing away!

If it’s really wet and cool enough you could always get the boots out – short boots look fab with both skirts and tight or slim-leg trousers.

If you really can’t bear to let go of summer dresses yet, they can look really pretty worn with boots and a pretty short-sleeve crop cardigan. As the temperatures start to dip, simply add leggings to create a pretty and cosy outfit.

In fact leggings worn with tunics are probably one of the most versatile ways of seeing in the winter. Start by wearing them with pumps and move into boots once the weather dictates something warmer.

That should take us nicely through the weeks of autumn.