If it’s true that you reap what you sow, I thank God for harvest he’s given me

Rev Barbara Hutchinson
Rev Barbara Hutchinson
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Barbara Hutchinson, Elloe Stone Anglican Parishes

We have now reached the month of October and many churches will be celebrating with harvest festival services.

I have also had a year of celebrating, with much to be thankful for.

In June, my husband Richard and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and we still wonder where all those years have gone. Our family has grown and increased and we are now much older and, I hope, a little wiser.

There is still to be a significant birthday, but that is only a number. There was a date to be remembered last Friday and on Sunday I joined with the congregation at Whaplode church as together we gave thanks for the tenth anniversary of my ordination.

At the service, I promised to serve God and all those in need of any kind and on Sunday I reaffirmed that vow to those in church.

I have heard it said that you reap what you sow and I thank God for the harvest he has given me as I have watched things grow and develop around me, including in my role as hospital chaplain.

There, I have met many people and we have shared much. This is not a job, it is a vocation and it is a two-way thing as we support each other along life’s road.

I hope and pray that I see many more harvests as I continue to work for him. I hope your harvests may also bring forth much fruit.