Idiocy of walkers on Spalding channel

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THIS is the moment four children risked death by walking on Spalding’s frozen Coronation Channel on Saturday afternoon.

Horrified onlookers Roy Harrison and his partner Belinda Moncaster were on Low Fulney Bridge just after 2pm as a boy walked right across the river – and three other children ventured about a third of the way before turning back.

Unfrozen patches can be seen in the foreground of this picture which Roy took.

Spalding police inspector Chris Davison said: “Nobody should walk on an icy river, you don’t know how thick the ice is or if there are any cracks. If you go through, you not only risk your own life but the lives of others – including the emergency services – who try to save you. If you fall into icy water, you are unlikely to live more than a matter of minutes. We don’t want to be delivering death messages to children’s families.”