‘I saved woman from drowning...while I was in this tutu’

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GETTING lost in Lincoln is an experience a Pinchbeck man won’t forget after he found himself diving into the marina to save a drowning woman.

Brendan Cocks, of Glenside, was wearing a neon pink tutu as a forfeit for losing a game when he dived into the freezing cold Brayford Pool in the early hours of Friday morning.

Brendan (21) had been on a night out with friends who go to the University of Lincoln when he spotted the woman in the water.

He explained: “We had been in a nightclub but I had lost my friends. I didn’t have my phone or my wallet because the tutu didn’t have any pockets so I thought I would start walking back to where we were staying.

“I set off but I couldn’t find my way back so I thought I would keep going and ask for help when I saw someone.

“I got to the Brayford and started talking to a group of people and when I looked over into the water, there was a girl in there and she was struggling.”

With the others phoning for an ambulance, Brendan said he couldn’t leave the girl in the water and dived in.

“I’m not the biggest of people,” he said. “Every time I pushed her up I kept going under the water and because she was in distress, she didn’t think to turn herself round to help herself out.

“As I got her out, the ambulance pulled up. I would have loved to have known what they were thinking as I got out of the water in a tutu.”

Brendan, who works as a plumber at the Stansted Hilton hotel, was checked over by paramedics and taken to the nearby Holiday Inn.

He says he was told to remove his wet clothes to stop him getting hypothermia and wrapped up in a blanket.

Brendan said: “I called my friends from the hotel to tell them what had happened and to come and meet me but they didn’t believe me and didn’t turn up.

“The hotel manager then rang them again and explained what had happened they came with some clothes.”

He added: “I told my family what had happened the next day. My nan was so proud but my mum told me off for putting myself in danger.

“I did think afterwards what if I had dived in an hit something or not been able to get myself out of the water. At the time I obviously thought I was a superhero.”

Brendan did not know what had happened to the woman he pulled out of the water.