‘I’m not safe in my home’

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A woman living in Spalding has been left afraid to sleep in her own home after having possessions stolen from outside her property.

Maria Canelas (65), of Haverfield Road, came home from work one morning this week to find that valuable plants, pots and solar lights had vanished from her front and back gardens.

Maria, who lives with her son, Eddie, is now concerned those responsible will come back to take more.

She said: “My dog had been barking a lot the previous night, and then when I got home at around 5am the items had gone. I get scared every time the dog barks now.

“I am really upset, as the large rose plant and the pot it was planted in were a gift from a friend, who has now passed away, who knew I enjoyed gardening.

“I will never be able to replace them.”

Maria, who has already had solar lights stolen from the front of her house before, is now planning to build a fence at the front of her property to stop something like this happening again.

She said: “Why should I pay to have an expensive fence built when none of this is my fault?

“I had been working on the garden for months to make it beautiful but now I don’t even want to work on it again – why should I bother?”

Originally from Mozambique, Maria has been living in Spalding for over ten years but she says she no longer feels safe in the town.

She said: “This is a nice area and I just cannot believe that someone walked in and stole from my garden.

“I feel violated. What is happening to this town?”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.