I’ll be one of those ‘wounded’ by bypass

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I was so angry after reading Coun George Aley’s thoughts on the new bypass for the west of Spalding (Bypass ‘should be part of major traffic review’, Lincolnshire Free Press, June 7).

I quote Coun Aley: “I can’t see how it is going to inflict any wounds on anyone. The proposed routes currently go through allotments, but better that than near houses and they can always look at making provisions elsewhere.”

I’d like Coun Aley to know that it will have consequences on people and their homes (I stress homes not houses), myself being one of them. I attended the meeting for property owners effected by the new bypass and I came away feeling, in the words of Coun Aley, very “wounded”.

Both of the proprosed routes impact on me greatly. Route 2a will cross the field in front of and by the side of my home. Route 2b will pass through the field behind, this being my preferred route, if only for selfish reasons not to have it down the side of my home as well.

The bypass will change the way I’ve lived for 22 years. It will devalue my home and probably make my house unsellable because who would want to buy my home once they know a bypass could be built next to it.

So, Coun Aley, do you still stand by your statement that no wounds will be inflicted on anyone? Would you like to come to my house and see for yourself what this bypass would mean to me?

The bypass is for the future development on Holland Park. So let the developers have it on their doorstep!

The bypass will do nothing to help people wanting to use the town’s facilities – it only directs traffic around the outskirts of Spalding.

Lynn Maddison

Horseshoe Road