‘I came to town to shop but just wanted to get the bus home’

Bus station
Bus station
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A pensioner from Holbeach claims she was ready to hop straight back on to the bus home after travelling to Spalding on market day and struggling to get to the town centre.

The 73-year-old, who retired just a year ago, was so outraged after watching other pensioners trying to dodge traffic around the bus station in Holland Market and lifting shopping tolleys over uneven surfaces that she called at the Spalding Guardian office.

She said: “When I got here I wished I’d taken a bus in the opposite direction and gone to King’s Lynn.

“The buses there stop in the town centre and the station is even getting a cover so people don’t have to go outside.

“Then you come to Spalding and you take your life in your hands trying to cross the sliproad between the bus station and the car parks.

“Some cars stop but not all of them. There should be a proper crossing there.

“It’s amazing there are not more accidents down there – I know there has been some.

“Then the route into town is littered with uneven pavements and hazards.

”I like coming to the market for vegetables and plants, but unless something is done to make the route into Spalding safer I am just going to go elsewhere.”

Debra Greeves, principal highways officer, said: “We’ve not received a request for a pedestrian crossing to be provided from the bus station in Spalding to public toilets on Holland Park. If one were to be requested we would need to monitor the levels of traffic, but we’re not convinced there would be sufficient numbers of people crossing at that location. Also, pedestrian crossings must be installed from one footpath to another, and there is no footpath on the bus station side. For people to cross safely, we advise them to cross at the junction with Winfrey Avenue where there is good visibility in all directions.”

A spokesperson for South Holland District Council said: “Our wardens regularly check the bus station area and we repair potholes in the tarmac there. We also maintain the area around Swan Walk in the town centre, but have not had any issues reported to us recently. However, we will continue to monitor the area.”