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Spalding hypnotherapist Emma Rose explains how her own life was changed by the therapy

Clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Emma Rose was inspired to take up her new career after hypnotherapy helped her through a personal crisis.

Emma (38) had worked in the food industry for 16 years, spending the last three with Bakkavor at Fresh Cook, Holbeach St Marks.

But problems following a family bereavement led Emma to consult a hypnotherapist ... and that was so successful it made her determined to qualify so she could help others in turn.

Emma Rose changed careers after hypnotherapy helped her through a crisis
Emma Rose changed careers after hypnotherapy helped her through a crisis

“I had a science background,” said Emma. “I have an HND (higher national diploma) in food science and manufacturing and the hypnotherapy course interested me because it’s very much science-based.”

The mum of two says she’s struggled with anxiety for much of her life and has always been shy.

“I dealt with a bereavement in the family which I thought at the time I had dealt with pretty well,” she said. “Then I started to have panic attacks and I went to see a hypnotherapist and the change I had - which happened quite quickly - was just so amazing and completely changed my life.”

Emma Rose at Aspire Health and Wellbeing
Emma Rose at Aspire Health and Wellbeing

The former Spalding Gleed Girls’ student says there is a world of difference between clinical practice and hypnosis as popular TV and stage entertainment.

Emma said: “I am often challenged with the misconception that I am similar to a stage hypnotist who can play with people’s minds but what I do is far from that.

“I think there is a misconception that I hypnotise people and put them into a zone where they are unaware of what’s going on around them but we (clinical hypnotherapists) are just helping someone to relax their mind ... we can calm down certain brain waves that are making you feel anxious and stressed and use the brain waves that can help you to put solutions in place.”

She says trance is nothing like what happens on stage when people appear to fall asleep after a click of the hypnotist’s fingers.

Emma explains there's a world of difference between stage hypnotism and her clinical work
Emma explains there's a world of difference between stage hypnotism and her clinical work

“You are completely and consciously aware of what’s happening around you,” said Emma. “You have complete control during the trance part of the session and the first part of the session is helping people to imagine what their preferred future would look like without their initial problem.

“It’s solution focused therapy.”

Solution focused therapy, as the name suggests, focuses on the solution to the client’s problem rather than dwelling on the problem itself.

Emma: "I want to help people turn their life around."
Emma: "I want to help people turn their life around."

“Solution focused hypnotherapy is a natural calmer for the body and mind enabling you to change the way you think and feel,” says Emma. “It’s not magic. It’s real-life self-empowerment over the mind. You will gain the knowledge and life-long skills to maintain your own mental health and wellbeing.”

Emma says trance is something we all experience in our day-to-day lives, even when driving.

“It’s like when you get from home to work and you can’t remember going through the traffic lights,” said Emma. “You can be in that state when you are going for a run or watching TV, and that’s when your mind is in a calm, day-dream state.”

And her clients love the peaceful feeling.

Emma said: “A lot of the comments I get from clients when they have been in trance are things like ‘well that felt lovely, can we do it again?’, ‘it’s like taking your mind to the spa’ or ‘that felt like I had a really good nap’.”

Emma’s business is called Inspired to Change Spalding and she’s linked to a network of professionals under the Inspired to Change banner.

She says hypnotherapy can help with a range of problems such as:

* Stress, anxiety and depression

* Loss of confidence and control

* Bereavement

* Pain management

* Weight management

* Phobias

* Loss of confidence and control

* Stopping smoking

One-off performance issues are also helped and these could include giving a presentation, taking an exam or perhaps achieving a sports-related goal.

Emma says many of our issues stem from stress and anxiety.

She said: “I have always had a major interest in mental health and had an overwhelming desire to help others.

“I am a good listener and have a lot of compassion, so I want to help people turn their life around and experience the same benefits I have.

“I feel like I was born to do this.

“Hypnotherapy is a really positive way of improving people’s mental health, which is currently becoming a very hot topic and it’s backed by neuroscience.

“My strategy by being part of Inspired to Change is to offer relief to the NHS nationwide and really push this therapy forward because we are helping so many people every day.”

Emma qualified last year from the Clifton Practice for Hypnotherapy Training Centre in Peterborough, gaining a hypnotherapy practitioner diploma and a diploma in solution focused hypnotherapy.

She has been helping clients since the start of 2019 and, since April, has been based at Aspire Health and Wellbeing in The Crescent, Spalding.

All consultations are carried out with strict patient confidendiality assured.

Emma is a member of a professional association and abides by its code of ethics.

As well as working from her Spalding base, Emma attends events.

Stress is something that affects many lives so visitors to events are pretty keen to try a tool in Emma’s kitbag, a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) bio-feedback meter that measures stress levels.

Emma say: “What happens when we feel stressed and anxious is that the heart beats faster and the blood pumps round quicker ready to go into fight or flight mode.”

Many who try it think
their reading may be off the scale.

Emma said: “A lot of people say to me ‘let’s see if we can break your meter’.”

Her next outside event is called Shuffle, organised by the South Holland District Council communities team, which takes place at Carter’s Park, Holbeach, from 11am-3pm on Friday, August 16.

Shuffle is aimed at those aged 11-24 years.

l An initial consultation with Emma is free.

To find out more you can call Emma on 07983 517587, email emmarose@inspiredtochange.biz or visit www.inspiredtochange.biz

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