HUNTING BAN: Tradition is ill-conceived

Fox hunting. PNL-150529-124022001
Fox hunting. PNL-150529-124022001
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I see that David Cameron and the Conservative Party wish to repeal certain aspects of the fox hunting ban.

In light of this, I would like to know the thoughts of MP John Hayes on this particular issue and how he intends to vote.

I would like to know the thoughts of MP John Hayes on this particular issue and how he intends to vote

My personal opinion is that we apparently live in a civilised society and one where many millions of UK citizens donate regularly to animal charities.

Cruelty of any kind, whether it be to humans or animals, is just that – cruel and distressing.

Those who like to hunt claim on the one hand that they very rarely used to catch a fox with their hounds and yet on the other say that hunting provides a useful way of keeping the fox population in check.

So, which is it to be? I am sure that if you drive regularly on the country lanes around Spalding, you will see, as I do, many dead foxes which have been hit by cars. Foxes are already dying in sufficient numbers for their population to be kept in order, without the need to cruelly chase a fox to exhaustion before allowing a pack of hounds to tear it apart.

Dog baiting is illegal and yet a pack of hounds tearing into another species of the dog family, a fox, is somehow OK.

In the years since the ban, I do not recall there being any reports of large increases in the fox population.

I do firmly believe that those who hunt with hounds are trying to keep alive an ill-conceived tradition on the grounds that they are doing us all a favour by keeping the fox population down when, in fact, it is just a desire to rekindle a most nasty and cruel bloodthirsty chase, with all the pomp and ceremony of a bygone age.

I appreciate that the Government is falling short of allowing the pack to kill the fox but, away from prying eyes and on private land, I do not believe the fox will be spared.

I simply don’t believe that people who partake in this cruel pursuit give a damn about the fox and will have no hesitation in allowing the hounds to get it.

Indeed, how will they stop it and who will be policing them to make sure it doesn’t happen?

I would be very interested to hear how John intends to vote, if he is in favour of relaxing the fox hunting law and, if so, his reasons for this.